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Your artwork as a Pattern!

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I’m so excited to share with you one of the biggest secrets to my success as a Surface Pattern Designer. Go grab yourself a glass of tea and let's get right into it.


I have spent quite some time working on improving my skills using Illustrator and learning more about the business of Surface Pattern Design. The courses I have taken and continue to go back to is through Bonnie Christine's Surface Pattern Designer Immersion. I have created my first collection and started my Spooflower shop, worked on my website to really reflect my signature style, and also gained a few clients. 


The courses have empowered and encouraged me to follow my Biggest Dream.  

Open Enrollemnt Begins Feb 21, closes Feb 28. 
Are you ready?!

I had all the art skills and I had worked as a textile designer in the fashion industry and automotive but I wanted my OWN business. Have been wanting to for a long time. So, I started looking online for a class to learn Illustrator (I already knew Photoshop) . Also, I really want to learn more about what it takes to setup a surface pattern design business. So I looked for classes for that.

Then I found Bonnie's class Immersion. Bingo!


Immersion offered everything I was looking for. Bonnie was welcoming and walked through each class. We were provided with workbooks, videos, and live sessions to ask Bonnie questions. I still refer to the videos and recorded sessions. 


To learn more just click below!

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The incredibly comprehensive, 8 week course is broken up into 6 modules with lessons released at the beginning of each week. It may sound like a lot, but rest assured she’s broken it up into bite sized pieces that build upon each other and are easy to follow. 


You’ll learn how to:

❤️ Craft a career you LOVE in surface pattern design

🎨Work through the essential stages to becoming a licensing artist

🌿 Create a personalized roadmap to your success

✍️ Add multiple streams of income to your business as a designer. 

I found my passion for art and surface pattern design along time ago. I am always looking to continue learning about my field and find new ways to create patterns. Bonnie breaks this large task into easy bites! She walks you through her process step by step with passion and giving you confidence "that there is room for you".

Enrollment is open February 21st - February 28th. It only opens once a year, so don’t delay.

I'll meet you inside!

I'm an affiliate for this program!

I have a bonus for you! I am offering a one-on-one coaching call with me to the first 10 people who sign up for the couse through the link below.

Your call will be scheduled from May 1 to Aug 1 and will give you a chance to dive deeper into questions on illustrator, portfolio, or any other questions you may have about what you are learning in Immersion. 

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